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Bernie Paul Hits

Wer kennt ihn nicht, den sympathischen Sänger, dessen unverwechselbare Stimme Superhits wie Lucky, Oh no no, Night after Night, In Dreams und vielen anderen das “gewisse Etwas” verlieh…

All Or Nothing

1979 LP

Lucky /

You’re The One In A Million

1979 Single

Slip Away Susie /

Down At The Truck Stop

1979 Single

Everybody’s Rockin’ /

Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind

1979 Single

Angie /

Weep Willow

1980 Single

It’s A Wild Life

1981 LP

In Dreams /


1981 Single

Oh No No /

I Saw You

1981 Single

Night After Night /

Hot Line

1981 Single

Caroline /

Good Luck

1982 Single

Be Cool /

Everybody Says Mmh…aah

1982 Single

Lady Dynamite /

Hold Me

1983 Single

Leavin’ You Is Easier /

Don’t You Wanna See Me

1983 Single

When The Night Has Come /

Fox On The Run

1984 Single

Your Perfume’s In The Air /

Lady of the Night

1986 Single

Allright Goodtimes /


1986 Single

Hold Me In Your Arms /

You Can Make It

1988 Single

Moments In Love

1988 CD


1989 CD

You For Me And Me For You /

Women Of The World

1990 Single

Jessie Was A Dreamer

1992 Single


1996 CD

The Best Of

1997 CD

Top Ten MegaMix – Non Stop !

1997 CD

Einfach relaxed

2002 CD

Bernie Paul - Was ist des (Single Cover) 2022

Was is des

2022, CD & digital

Cover Artwork "Was Is Des" Party-Mix von Bernie Paul

Was is des (Party-Mix)

2022 CD, digital